Party Wall Matters

The aim of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 is to ensure that any work that you or your neighbour may carry out does not adversely affect any of the adjoining properties — in some cases up to as much as 6 metres away! If you are proposing to carry out works to your property that affect your neighbours you may be required to serve notices of the extent of these works on them as much as 2 months before you commence works — failure to serve appropriate notices may result in the service of an injunction which could in turn delay works for even longer.

Examples of the works that may apply include the building of extensions‚ roof conversions and even removing internal walls or chimney breasts if these adjoin your neighbour’s property.

Even if your neighbour has applied for and received Planning and Building Regulation approval for the proposed works from your local authority this does not preclude the need to serve notice under the Party Wall Act.

If your neighbour is proposing works to his property then it is likely that he will need to serve notice on you. The Act usually allows you to select a Party Wall Surveyor to check the notices and then to prepare a schedule of the condition of your property and a party wall award that sets out the manner in which works will proceed — at the expense of your neighbour.

We are experienced at serving the necessary notices on adjoining owners and to reacting to notices served by neighbouring owners. We undertake the preparation of schedules of condition and negotiating and preparing the actual party wall award as required. It can be quite complicated to comply with the terms of the Act so why take the risk of a costly or time-consuming mistake? Call us on 023 92697193 to discuss your needs or worries.

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